History of Johnson's Engineering

Turning milling and fabrication at Johnson's Engineering

Mr F B Johnson formed Johnson’s Engineering and Electrical Co. Ltd in the late 50s after leaving his job at the MG Car Company in Abingdon, where during the war he was part of a team which built tanks for he war effort. Initially, he ran several capstan lathes in a small workshop making components for the car industry. He also carried out maintenance and repair work at a local flour mill as well as undertaking several large installation projects on farms in the area.

In 1970, after completing the building of the present workshop, with the help of his eldest son Keith, he expanded his involvement in the car heater component industry, employing Keith and several other full and part-time workers producing pressings, turned parts and sub assemblies.

In 1972, another family member joined the workforce, Keith’s younger brother, Martin. Both of them completed City and Guilds Engineering courses at local technical colleges during their initial years.

The late 70s/early 80s were troubled years within the car industry thus bringing about the need for a change in direction from the Johnson family. Though this didn’t happen overnight, they gradually moved away from production-only based work to a mixture of production, short runs, one-offs, machining, fabrication and repairs.

During this time, work was being carried out for the Domestic Appliance, Fan and Ventilation and Leisure Swimming Pool markets, just to name a few. Being situated in an area where mineral extraction was prominent, the company saw an opportunity to promote its services to the many companies operating in this field.

Over the coming decade this type of work provided around 60% of the company’s turnover. This took the form of machining conveyor parts, urgent breakdown repairs, undertaken in-house and on-site, to complete fabrication of whole plant structures.

A major egg production company was another source of work to Johnson’s Engineering, thus enabling them to show their versatility by supplying expertise for the installation of egg collection, packaging and food supply systems as well as doing similar work on other farms within the group. They also carried out health and safety work for the regional water company and the Environmental Agency.

The arrival of a new decade brought about a new challenge for the company.
The steady decline of mineral extraction within the local area and the closing of the egg packing company brought about the need to find replacement work. This was achieved by securing work at a local bakery and major production orders for fabricated/machined parts for commercial vehicle tail lifts.

In 2002, Keith and Martin took control of the company the loss of their father, becoming co-directors of Johnson’s Engineering Ltd. Since then they have upgraded their machinery, etc, by purchasing lathes, milling machines with DROs, a new programmable non-ferrous welding machine and a new company van for improved collection and delivery to customers and still hold the traditional value of providing a service of efficiency, quality and above all, customer satisfaction.

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